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Becoming A Freelance Writer: Day 1

Becoming A Freelance Writer: Day 1

becoming a freelance writer

This officially marks the first day of my 365- day journey to becoming a freelance writer!  I am quite nervous and apprehensive, yet very excited about this campaign.  The end goal of becoming a full-time freelance writer seems onerous and a tad far-fetched I fear.  Nevertheless, I am quite determined to follow this through and give it my absolute best.  My intention is to help fellow writers along the way as well.  I am hopeful that by following my progress, mistakes (and there will be a multitude of them), and occasional success, I can help others in their own unique path to freelance writing.  All my steps will be recorded during this process from today, all the way up to Day 365.  There will also be a finance tracking device and a daily “mood meter” set up on my blog so others can follow along and “get inside my head” so to speak.  Lastly, the blog will also produce a number of other articles in my main niches (education, writing, blogging, business, content marketing, social media and mental health), which will serve to enhance this journey.  Please join me on this quest and hopefully we can learn some things together along the way.

While today is “technically” my first day, I must confess I did some behind the scenes setup work last week.  However, today is really the first day of applying these efforts.  In particular, the following was integral to achieving a running start:

  1. Long hours of research on freelance writing.
  2. Setting up a variety of social media accounts.
  3. Designing a new blog called My Writer’s Nook

Research on Freelance Writing:  One of the first things which struck me as I began this new campaign, is the sheer volume of research which surrounds the subject.  It appears in books/ebooks, on blogs/websites, magazines, YouTube, and a variety of instructional videos.  It can be quite difficult to amass and filter a solid compilation of research as the material not only conflicts with others on the same topic but ultimately becomes outdated rather quickly.  In addition to the reams of information which I scoured through, I also purchased a few ebooks on the subject of freelance writing.  I find the following to be helpful in regards to pointing me in the right direction:

Carol Tice also operates a website called Make a Living Writing  which I find to be very useful and packed with valuable information.  All this being said, I certainly do not limit myself to the preceding titles.  I am constantly looking for information on writing daily as I strive to perfect the craft.

Writing and Social Media:

I have always found it to be quite natural to write.  The words seem to fly from my pencil and jump onto the page (yes…I still write everything down manually with a pencil first).  As a natural introvert, however, marketing my own work is no easy task.  I can describe the work of others quite effortlessly, but when it comes to my own it can be a bit of a struggle.  Nevertheless, my past decade of blogging has taught me to utilize Social Media to accomplish this critical piece.

On my first day of my freelance writing journey,  I spent a considerable portion of it creating social media accounts and beginning to connect with like-minded users.  I have now created accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+.  I will be adding some others shortly, but these are the beginning.  Everyone has their own favorite social media platform and my advice is to use which ones work for you the best.  If you try to constantly interact and engage on all the different platforms, however, you will have zero time left available for actually writing!  Personally, my favorite is Twitter as I have always found a wonderful community to learn from and with.

Blog Creation:

I suppose if you are quite “technically inclined”, creating a blog is most likely not that difficult.  Really, all you need is a good web hosting company and WordPress.  I have personally found however that it has taken me a considerable amount of time to actually learn how to create a blog and ensure it has a professional appearance.  Once again I had to conduct a lot of research and make an investment to accomplish this task.  There is certainly no shortage of information in regards to how to start your own blog, but I found Sarah McHarry’s  WordPress To Go-How To Build A WordPress Website On Your Domain, From Scratch, Even If You Are A Complete Beginner to be quite useful.  I also decided to sign up with Site Ground as my Web Host Provider and make an additional investment in the professional Author theme from Compete Themes which I am quite happy with.

Day 1 Results:

In addition to writing this blog post, the aforementioned is essentially how I spent Day #1  of my 365-Day Journey to Become a Freelance Writer.  I put in at least 12 straight hours of work and made the following monetary investments:

TOTAL Earned =  0

Total Spent = $160

While I may be starting in the hole…I think the investments were well worth it and have kickstarted my campaign.  However…I need to start some writing jobs soon!  Join me tomorrow as I see if I can start putting these investments to use.


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  1. I like how you are tracking your expenses and going for it!! I’m interested to follow along with you, as our paths are different yet not dissimilar! Nice to meet you, Leonard!



      Thanks Devon. I just joined your list and will be following your journey as well. All the best! Leonard.

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