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365-day Journey to Becoming a Freelance Writer!

Since childhood, I always had an insatiable desire to write.  It burned deeply within me constantly looking for an escape. I saw it as my destiny and one true calling.  However, as so often happens with many writers, my career as a writer never burst into the forefront in the way in which I imagined.  In fact, writing was often pushed off into the shadows while I pursued more “pressing matters” such as securing full-time employment and raising my family.   I now sit here in my 50th year of life.  I have a very successful career in education and a happy family.  My children are now adults and making their own way in the world while my wife continues to pursue her own interests and passions.  Rather than be satisfied with this, however, I also have a huge hole in my soul.  Something is amiss.  No, it is not a midlife crisis…it is unfinished business.

I have decided that in this, my fiftieth year, I will truly try to “make it” as a freelance writer.  While I have been blogging part-time for over a decade on a variety of blogs, I have never pursued this as a full-time career.  This is what I would now like to do and hopefully ride this wave right into retirement and begin a second full-time career.  While I do possess a lot of experience writing in a vast number of forms and environments, I do realize this will be a very different direction and challenge for me.

You are invited to join me on this journey.  Starting on January 1, 2017, I will be composing regular entries on my blog which will attempt to describe the progress of my journey.  It will not only include monetary goals and tracking, but also a careful analysis of the industry, research, personal feelings, and tips to help others to overcome the obstacles I am most certainly going to face.  I am giving myself 365 days to achieve my goal of becoming a successful freelance writer and see if this truly is my destiny.  The definition of success is certainly different for everyone, but for me, it is all about plugging that hole which exists in in my soul.

Please join me on my 365-day journey to becoming a freelance writer!

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