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Freelance Writing And Learning To Just Write!

Today is officially the 11th day of my 365-day journey to becoming a freelance writer.  I have discovered many things in this very short period of time.  So far, however, my most valuable piece of learning has to do with maintaining focus and prioritization.  More specifically, how do I manage to avoid the multitude of distractions and excuses…and just write???  What I have found is liberating, and has provided me with a great deal of insight into the field.  I have discovered that if you truly want to be a freelance writer, then you have to WRITE!

Let me back up a little bit as I am sure that statement sounds a little bit flippant and simplistic.  The reality is that as I began this new adventure I have been very preoccupied with learning about every detail in regards to becoming a freelance writer.  I have researched and read reams of material, engaged in daily social media activities, created a new blog, and even constructed a perfect little “writer’s nook” in my home.  What I have not been doing, however, is actually writing.  I have been completing all the tasks associated with freelance writing, but not actually putting the pen to paper so to speak.

We shall now refer to this as my first major lesson on my journey to becoming a freelance writer.  In life, if we are provided with an obvious lesson then we certainly need to learn from it.  I believe that is exactly what I have done.  While a number of valuable time management skills such as scheduling, avoiding distractions and creating prioritized lists were discovered in the process, they were not my greatest discovery.  No, my most significant revelation is that I cannot become a freelance writer without actually writing on a regular and consistent basis.

As silly as that may sound, it was something I figured out by making mistakes.  I was so caught up in everything else that I did not have any time leftover to actually write.  Now what I am doing first thing every morning is writing a 500-1000 word piece.  I had to make a hard-set rule that I am not allowed to do anything else until this is completed.  Since this rule has been adopted I have a renewed feeling of hopefulness and excitement.  I have typically been publishing these articles on hubpages as they do not really belong to any “one” niche, and it is part of my passive income strategy.  While this has been working great the last few days, it will be significantly tested as I am scheduled to go back to work starting tomorrow.  The challenge of following this journey on my off-hours while juggling a full-time job is about to begin.  I tend to work about 12 hours a day at my full-time job so I will need to find time to write somewhere in the other 12 hours (plus eat and sleep in there somewhere as well).  Wish me luck!

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